Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016
Last days in Arequipa
My time in Arequipa is coming to an end, in 1.5 days I'll be flying to Cusco.
I've learned a lot of Spanish here with two more weeks of Spanish school to follow in Cusco. Arequipa is a realy nice city to just stroll around and look at the historic buildings around the main town square. I've spent less time in the city center than I would've liked, but instead I've spent more time with Maria and Sonja, my new Peruvian "family" which was fascinating and enriching. I'm kinda sad to leave Arequipa now that I know my way around a bit
In Cusco I'll be staying with a Peruvian family that probably won't speak English and I hope this will accelerate my learning Spanish even more.

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